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Free Cookie Audit

Cookie audit for your site without any software downloads.


Legal Compliance - Stay on the right side of the law.

Flexible - No commitment or subscription.

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Boost site credibility, user confidence and trust.


CookieSeal™ is a free, simple and transparent button which shows that your site cookies are safe and have been audited by an objective third-party auditor, CookieCert.

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Our free browser add-on helps shows you if a site you are about to use has a reasonable cookie reputation - and how many cookies are likely to be created about you as navigate further.

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Free cookie consent tag.

Available for all sites and as a Wordpress plugin.

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Cookie Safety rating platform for brand protection. Define acceptable cookie safety thresholds for your brand.

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White Label

Offer cookie audits to your clients under your own brand.


Improve Performance - A new service means growing your customer base.

Increase Revenue - Charge as much or little as you want for each audit.

Low cost, low hassle - No time spent on building your own solution.

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Cookie API

API. Integrate CookieCert data into your applications.


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Top 10 Cookie Heavy

These are the sites that created the most cookies during browsing. - 426 - 402 - 380 - 379 - 343 - 306 - 302 - 297 - 295 - 294

Top 10 Trackers

These are the domains that created the most cookies whilst browsing all sites. These are usually ad-networks, trackers or providers of 3rd party services like widgets. - 60527 - 43961 - 38094 - 29567 - 29345 - 25582 - 20190 - 17387 - 16919 - 15782